Dish Supper Club

2889 Fairfield Ave Bridgeport CT
(203) 368-1111

Dish Supper Club

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Dish Supper Club is a place that we hadn’t tried until recently, but when we did we were blown away! We’ve only been to dish for breakfast, and our portions, which were totally affordable, were HUGE, made fresh on the spot, and the process of ordering and picking up your meal is fun and interactive. The pancakes were amazing and moist, the bacon egg and cheese was mouthwatering and enormous! Super simple, super clean, and made with love, the food of dish will not only feed you fresh, hearty food, but will also feed you friendships—as all of the tables are family style! Go on, don’t be shy!

Word on the street is that family style dinner is totally fun, but does require a super advanced reservation. Go put your name on that list!