five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes….

177 State Street Bridgeport ct

five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes….

Just in case some of you don’t read to the end (tis tis)… there IS a raffle in this post! Enter HERE (directions at the bottom) good luck!

I’m guessing that about 86% of you have an idea what that title means… If you’re anything like me, you’ve memorized every single word to every single song… you’ve named at least one pet after at least one of the RENT peepsters, you’ve seen it on Broadway at least 3 or 4 times… two of which you had no idea what was going on because you were too young to understand… I can also guess that Mimi’s “Take Me Out Tonight” changed your life in more than one way– either you went home and practiced how to dance so sassily over a rail for a month straight, or you decided that you needed your very own pair of blue, shimmery spandex just because…

Well, with all of that having been said… Get ready to relive it ALL… Why?! We now have our very own Bridgeport Theatre Company!!!! AKA… all it takes is a stroll downtown… and voila, you’ve arrived … culture, art, fun, entertainment… AND… from October 15- Nov 6th they will be performing RENT at the Playhouse On The Green!!! If the raffle doesn’t work out for ya (see below), get your tickets here!

And now, for the fun, giving part, the awesome Bridgeport Theatre Company has given us 2 tickets to give to YOU! This is how it will work… We’ve JUST announced the raffle on our Facebook page, and anyone who comments on that post is automatically entered to win the tickets. The winner will be announced on October 10th! That gives you a solid 10 days to get going!

p.s. Bridgeport Theatre Company has extended a Promo Code for all Bridgeport residents / folks who work in Bridgeport (yes, they will check your ID at the box office)… Simply enter the code BPORT, which is good for SUNDAY 3pm performances only, it will give you 20% off tickets.  ($20 tickets instead of $25).

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