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H20HIMAL2002, Non Profit organization, has a tiny, wonderful boutique located at Captain’s Cove boardwalk. They offer beautiful home accessories and meaningful accent pieces featuring many local artisans. Most importantly, proceeds are forwarded to a wonderful organization.

Our Mission
The Mission of H20Himal2002 is to provide aid to the impoverished people in the Villages and Hillstations of remote mountain regions, with the intention to bring the communities to a state of self-sustainability, independence, and self-sufficiency, keeping their rich culture and traditions alive and maintaining the integrity of the existing communities.

Our Goals
Provide the materials and resources to build primary schools for remote mountain regions.

Develop advance educational programs for primary schools for remote mountain regions.

Build innovative schools with facilities that will serve the whole Village and be designed in keeping with traditional architecture.

Create health care awareness educational programs that will address the important health issues unique to mountain communities.

Introduce innovative ideas and resources that will support and promote a vigorous commerce.

Develop creative programs for the enjoyment and protection of wildlife and the rich natural resources of the mountains.

Help each village and Hillstation develop their own source of energy and safe drinking water that will be owned and operated by them.

Photographs by Abbey Sodemba©