Harborview Market

218 Harborview Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06605-3334
(203) 367-7336

Harborview Market

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Ran into some guys at Two Boots this evening and they said it was an absolute must have on the site. perhaps we’ll check it out tomorrow morning!

Check out the review posted by The Secret Ingredient!

Ok so we popped over to Harborview Market today and all it took was a millisecond to fall in love with it. It is wonderful! Everyone there is awesome, the menu was great (We devoured a Chicken Sandwich and Philly Cheese Steak.. mmmmmm), they have their own variety of coffees and teas, and their baked goods sat on the counter, smiling with homemade love. The charming tables and decor are reminiscent of its history, and the community board was covered with totally awesome info that really inspired us. We can’t wait to go back with our neighbors for a big breakfast.