Klein Memorial Auditorium of Fairfield Theatre Company

910 Fairfield Ave Bridgeport, CT
(203) 259-1036

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“The 1,400 seat theatre opened in 1940, built from funds willed to the City by Bridgeport resident Jacob Klein. The Klein has played host to programs ranging in scope from symphonies, operas, and theatre, to local dance recitals, graduations, and union meetings. Such luminaries as Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Fiedler, Della Reese, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Paul Robeson, Milton Berle, Victor Borge have graced her stage. It has been the home of the Greater Bridgeport Symphony for the past 60 years. The auditorium was designed by architect Leonard Asheim and is an Art Deco design building with bronze doors and marble halls. The Klein’s stage is 38′6″ wide by 35′ deep and our complete lighting and sound systems make it perfect for audio/visual presentations. The Klein has a separate room available with bar set up for approximately 100-150 people as well as lobby areas and an upstairs mezzanine lobby area. We can provide security, event staff, in-house catering and full bar service. There is a 400 space free and secured parking lot across the street from the Klein. Wheelchair access is also available.”
–Klein Memorial Auditorium Web Site