Have you been to the newly renovated Arcade building? I suggest you simply walk in and look up.

It’s not just a collection of little storefronts to be filled… it’s not just an old building that’s been revived… and it’s not just a little pharmacy… it’s the beginning of an adorable community beginning to take shape. Things are happening and it’s oh so exciting.

We’ve strolled through the Arcade building a handful of times now, and even though there is just one store occupied, it is amazing to imagine the potential. It’s our turn to reach out and fill it up, whether that means bringing yourself into the building, or sharing the opportunity with friends in local communities that you think may be interested. Most importantly, we need to hope and believe that good things will happen. When we do that, I think anything is possible.

Just imagine strolling over to the pharmacy for your Rx and grabbing a cup of coffee at the cafe while it’s filled. On the way out pick up a bouquet of lovely flowers for your home… then stop in the cleaners to grab those new slacks you had hemmed and lastly chose a cupcake to surprise the one you love back at home. It’s all possible all we have to do is invite it and want it.

For now, stop in the pharmacy and thank the owner for starting a trend that will bring only wonderful things to Bridgeport.

A little more about the Main Street Pharmacy

Phone: (203) 870-9901

Fax: (203) 870-9903


1001 Main Street