Mondays don’t have to be all that bad… what we suggest you do tonight…!

So it’s Monday. we get it. You’re practically falling asleep at your desk right now praying for 6:00 to get here as soon as possible. It’s nasty out (pssst did you see our new weather widget up in here? scroll down to the left). You’re probably exhausted and so ready for Friday to be here… but, fellow Bridgeportians, there is so much good stuff going on this week that we just had to write a quick post and let you know all about it. This way you might actually look forward to each and every day. Bridgeport’s got it goin’ on!

As always you can visit our events calendar for a detailed list of events, but we figured we’d do you a favor and lay it all out today.

So, when you get home and kick off those heals and loafers, don’t just sink into the couch and heat up that Lean Cuisine. Get out there and support Our Bridgeport! Toss on some jeans instead of your pj’s and be social instead of slipping into that TV coma! We are determined to help you all have a wonderful Monday night.

So how exactly do we suggest you turn this rainy, cold, dreary Monday around?

Go out for a bite… use our restaurant database for assistance (and, as always, let us know if we’re missing anything!)  Craving a big juicy steak? Could you start your evening with a delicious thin crust pizza? Want something more unusual, and apparently to die for? Prefer something heavy and saucy, like an iceberg wedge and baby back ribs? Are my suggestions not cutting it? Gaze over to the left of this post and play around with our “what are you hungry for” drop down tool. I swear, we use it every single time we contemplate where to dine.

After your bellies are nice and full, we are suggesting you keep it up and head out for something fun with your fellow Bridgeportiants!

Team Witness presents Wisdom ‘n’ Wordplay at Two Boots (begins at 8:00 pm $10 cover), and over in Black Rock it’s Trivia Night at Acoustic Cafe. After your various events, we think you should all head over to Cafe Roma for a nice glass of wine to end the night. On weeknights they’re open until 1 am and they happen to have a very beautiful bar that we’ve always envisioned to be a social hub for downtown. Let’s make it happen!

We’re going to be nice and give you a post like this each day this week so that hopefully we get you all out and having fun! In exchange we would love your feedback!