Saturday night in Downtown Bridgeport!

Saturday night in Downtown Bridgeport!

Where will you be tonight? We’re craving some pizza and music, so we’re thinking of heading to Two Boots for a Bayou Beast and some String Fingers Band at 9:30.

If you’re looking for a quiet, romantic dining experience, go for a savory bowl of pasta at Cafe Roma or a tasty, tender octopus salad and duck confit at Epernay Bistro. yum.

We have also heard the most wonderful things about Bereket Turkish Restaurant, which is said to be a hidden gem with spectacular food.

And what about after hours? Feel like catching an evening showing of Fandance, that new, exotic musical playing right here in Bridgeport? Well, tonight at 8:30, you and your friends can go and check it out at the Downtown Cabaret Theatre!

Are you a Dave Porter fan? If yes, then Acoustic Cafe is your hot spot later tonight where Black Rockers and friends will be supporting the Dave Porter CD release followed by the Mike Rood quartet.

Also, While you’re strolling around town tonight, be sure to take a peak at Khyal’s art piece being displayed across the street from the library.

Hope to see you out there!