Songwriters in the Round… Amber Rubarth, Greg Holden, Ian Axel, & Joey Ryan

It wasn’t in the heart of Bridgeport, but it was super close, and is related to Bridgeport’s very own Klein Memorial Auditorium… so listen up, friends…

This past Sunday at Fairfield Theatre Company’s Stage One (sister theater to Bridgeport’s Klein Memorial Auditorium), song-writer / singers Ian Axel, Greg Holden, Joey Ryan, and Amber Rubarth put on one of the best shows we’ve seen to date. The intimate setting makes for a wonderful show, but these artists took it to another level.

It all started months ago when I was searching FTC’s website for something that seemed just right for a Sunday night. I spotted the “Songwriters in the Round” event, added it to Our Bridgeport EVENTS calendar, of course, and decided we were going to go. Since then I had been obsessing over listening to each of their collections and getting to know each of them through awesome reviews. Until recently, we didn’t know that Ian Axel was opening, and so we didn’t get to preview his work– but let me tell you, as soon as he played his first note on the piano and filled our ears we couldn’t stop smiling. Watching him perform was unbelievable! Each of the artists brought their own special thang to the table, which was a perfect balance of silliness, seriousness, folk, quirkiness, ukulele, guitar, vocals and piano. Greg Holden’s English charm (sorry, we couldn’t help it) and performance was invigorating to listen to. Serendipity was a sweet melody we can’t get out of our minds. Joey Ryan’s unforgettable voice and song California made us want to weep, in a good way, and Amber’s cuteness and totally sweet nature, along with her witty “You Will Love This Song” had us feeling just the way the Boston Globe and NPR promised we would… “You will leave with a crush on her” Boston Globe “I was attracted to her honesty and humor” NPR.

Uber talented, witty, fun, and exceptionally entertaining, this group of song-writing sensations left us wanting more even after the 3 hour show ended.

So, other than praising these artists, thanking them for such a fun, fun night, and pleading them to come to Bridgeport, CT (pretty please), I am suggesting that all of you not only look into their work because it’s a variety of feel good, real, special stuff, written by very special people, and also look into what’s happening at FTC, whether it’s at our very own, beautiful, Klein Auditorium, (pssst read about the Klein rebirth!), or on Stage One.

Until we can beg them enough to come back this way, go check them out at Rock Wood Music Hall on Thursday, January 21 from 8-10. Totally worth it.
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