Friday Night in Bridgeport!

I love days like today… Preparing for what will be a really fun and lively night here in Our Bridgeport!! Sit tight and I’ll take you through a tour of what’s to come in just a few hours…

Kick off your evening with a lovely dinner at Epernay Bistro. Why? because we LOVE them. Among our favorite dishes are the Grilled Octopus Salad and Steak Frites.

If you’re of age, have them recommend a glass of wine from their extensive wine list to accompany your savory meal, because your next stop is only steps away– right across the street at Two Boots, another one of our personal faves.

In case you suddenly become hunry again, or are meeting up with friends who haven’t eaten yet, why not preview the entire menu here so you’re fully prepared to order by the time you get arrive… Sit tight and enjoy your drinks and snacks as the Jazz Guild takes the stage from 5:00 to 8:30. What’s more delicious and relaxing?

You might need to sneak out a bit early in order to cheer on the Sound Tigers at the Arena as they face off at 7:00 pssssst in will only take you minutes to buy your tickets right here.

Conveniently at 8:00, after you’re ready to move on from the Sound Tigers, there is a great lineup at the Acoustic Cafe including J. Bathea Band with Jay Paul R and The Primate Fiasco!

Tired yet? No? Good, because Mental Health Band, is performing back at Two Boots at 9:00 (go for the Bayou Beast this time). Enjoy the groove and enjoy a few drinks, because your next hot spot is within walking distance… only a few doors down at Murphy’s Law! At 10:00, FAKE ID band will take the stage and rock you with their great 80’s classics, current material and party favorites from the 60’s. Warning- you will be dancing so wear something comfortable.

What are you waiting for! Ladies- start calling your friends and pick up a new outfit on the way home from work! Men… iron those T-shirts.. or do whatever it is you do before you go out… deodorant?

OHhh don’t you LOVE OUR BRIDGEPORT! See you out there!