Tuesday night in Bridgeport

So we gave you some suggestions as far as what to eat and where to go for Monday, and we figured it would be fun to continue that throughout the week. Tuesday also happens to be a great day in Bridgeport and here are some great things we suggest you try out tonight!…

Yum. Dinner suggestions… Perhaps you’re craving something absolutely uh-mazing, in which case we would suggest the pressed pork sandwich, which is near and dear to our heart. You haven’t lived ’till you’ve tried this. seriously. psst it’s on the bar menu. Want to take the vegetarian route? Then go here and discover how amazingly delicious a talented chef can make tofu taste. Craving pizza that is especially cheesy, not to mention an unbelievable bargain?- then check out this little spot on Main Street, which also serves up some Spanish cuisine like you’ve never had before.

Tuesday also happens to be an excellent day for all of you brave souls who love to take the stage. Why? Every Tuesday the Acoustic Cafe hosts an Open Mic Night. It’s a $3 cover and they suggest you call early or come in to sign-up as early as 7pm. We dare you! If you have stage fright then maybe you’re better off at Two Boots, where at 8pm, for $3, Greg Ginn & the Texas Corrugators, and Cinema Cinema will be performing. Yes, you read it right… only 3 bucks for a night of music (Plus their drinks are amazing- especially the Two Boots Tea… if you’re 21+, that is!)