Vote for our neighbor!!! This is SO COOL!

Vote for our neighbor!!! This is SO COOL!

One of our very own neighbors was nominated to the Pepsi Refresh Project! She is a wonderful person and an amazingly, oh-so-talented artist who is up for the 50K prize!!! Please give her your support and vote for her! She wants to take that 50K and use it toward offering free Arts & Crafts classes to seniors and veterans in Bridgeport. Does it get better? Please, please, take a moment to think about this and vote for Melody! She truly deserves it! Get more info and check it all out by going here!

Offer free Arts & Crafts Classes to hundreds of seniors and veterans.

About Melody R Best

Melody Best is an accomplished artist and educator and has been exhibiting and teaching across the United States and the Caribbean for over 40 years. She has developed a painting program that enables anyone to learn how to paint in any painting medium even if they have never picked up a brush.


The city of Bridgeport, like many other cities in the United States, does not have the funds to offer seniors and veterans an arts and crafts program; and, those seniors and veterans, being on fixed incomes, or worse, unemployed, cannot now afford extra expenses for classes of this sort.

I have developed such a program and am currently teaching seniors and veterans with great success; but, I would love to expand it to many more by offering a program that includes free tuition and materials. We already have access to the appropriate facilities and with the assistance of two more teachers, I would be able to provide classes to hundreds of seniors and veterans who could then come together weekly in a relaxed, stress-free environment and create beautiful works of art while having fun together.

Classes to be taught would be open to any level of painting ability.

How will the 50K be Used?

Budget Notes: 5K: Monthly mailings to all seniors and veterans of class schedules and upcoming events such as monthly exhibits of their work. 10K: Artist Materials 35K: Recruit and train three instructors, volunteers and lecturers.