Well, hello there

Well, well, well. Here we are. Who knew that by simply searching Craigslist for housing we would find ourselves living in and head over heels in love with this city of Bridgeport, CT. Our search began in Westchester County, NY, right out of college, and we knew that we wanted something different, something new, something exciting, and something promising, but we knew not what that was. Our first trip to Bridgeport was on a rainy Wednesday night and as soon as we pulled off of the exit something special happened. Not a typical reaction from most who pull off of the highway and land in Bridgeport, but rather, we saw opportunity and knew that something totally amazing was about to take place. Almost two years later we find ourselves in heaven with not only all of the eateries, galleries, venues and scenery, but also with every single person we have encountered from neighbors and local business owners to chefs and artists who share the same passion for Bridgeport as us. Have you noticed that every single person who has recently moved to Bridgeport is simply in love with it?

The one and only thing that we felt was missing upon our arrival was a guide. We were new in the area and wanted to be told exactly where to go and exactly what to do. One night, over a Two Boots Pizza (the Newman), the idea dawned upon us to create a guide for all of us. It would be the guide to our Bridgeport. We would offer our unique insight to all of the local hotspots– our favorite eateries, art shows in the area and anything else that we felt would make you a happier, more involved, more informed resident.

We don’t know it all, by any means, but we’re making it a point to learn it all. We have visited almost every single location that our area has to offer, dined at 98% of the eateries in our area, and yes, we’ve been to a baseball game, a hockey game, and invited over 20 family members to join us for a performance at the Arena.

We’ve jogged alongside the ocean in the sweltering heat and in the freezing cold, BBQ’d with friends on the very green that Olmsted laid out, we’ve enjoyed a delicious box of fried chicken from Salt & Pepper, clinked glasses with friends at Murphy’s Law, OMG’d at the deliciousness of Cafe Roma pasta dishes (fyi their web site sings), praised Chef Peter Wroe at Epernay, made countless delivery orders from Two Boots, [repeatedly] stalked the window of the Bijou theatre to come, grabbed a hand made with love breakfast at Las Vetas Lounge, called Las Vetas Lounge the Las Vegas Lounge, marveled at the old Savoy Hotel and how its rooms used to cost a mere $1.50, searched the ‘net high and low for photos of the ever famous Coraline Corset that was manufactured by the Warner Brothers in the very building where we reside… We’ve had our fare share of burgers from Fraiche Burger, whilst leaving trails of our identity on the long chalkboard, dined in the atrium of Amici Mie, sipped the most delicious cafe concoction at Cafe Lulu’s, toured the beautiful Lofts 881, been jealous of the Lofts 881 rooftop terrace, stood outside the front door of Joseph’s Steak house… drooling…. sigh.. and then sat here, in front of our computers, (sometimes in the Port Cafe of Black rock) for at least 10 hours at a time figuring out how to best deliver all of our experiences to you and yours.

So consider this a hello and the beginning of what’s to come. Since we are at the beginning of this journey, we are especially excited to hear your thoughts. Please drop us a line here.